Mosquito Creek Watershed
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The websites include information relevant to watershed and environment stewardship.
The ones tagged (archived) are no longer available at their original addresses, but can still be seen here, courtesy of the Internet Archive.


January Global ReLeaf Project
February National Earthquake Information Center
March Cetacea
April Hummingbirds
May Evergreen Foundation
June/July Wildlife Migration
August Operational Significant Event Imagery
September Whale Link - Orca FM
October National Geographic Magazine
November SETI at Home
December Light Pollution - Science at NASA


January Salmon in the City - (archived)
February Heifer Project International
March Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation
April Native Plant Society of BC
MayCanada's Aquatic Environments
June WorldSat International
July Wildflowers Coloring Books
August Seafood Watch
September Blue Marble - NASA
October Birding BC
November Nature Conservancy Canada
December Space Place Facts - NASA


January American Avalanche
February Space for Species - (archived)
March How to Naturescape - Plant Native
April Plant Watch - (archived)
May Salmon Nation
June Lady Beetle ID Guide - (archived)
July New Scientist
August Bear Smart
September Weather Office Canada
October Rechargeable Battery Recycling
November Canadian Geographic Map Maker
December Wildlife Rescue Association of BC


January Green Roofs
February Canadian Canoe Museum
March Trans Canada Trail
April The Gorilla Foundation
May Atlas of Canada
June World Environment Day
July International Dark Sky Association
August Sierra Club of BC
September Canadian Geographic Photo Contest
October First Peoples' Cultural Foundation
November Why Leaves Turn
December Environmental Education for Kids (EEK)


January National Geographic
February Nova - Science Now
March Rainforest Alliance
April David Suzuki Foundation
May Save the Leatherback
June Water Cycle
July Xeriscape
August Co-Existing with Coyotes - (archived)
September Green Map
October Bear Aware BC
November World Wind
December Snow Crystals


January Global Climate Change
February Listening to Raindrops - NASA
March Ivy Out
April Pacific Coast Salmon Fisheries
May Life of Birds - PBS
June GeoMap Vancouver
July Butterfly Gardening
August Frogs
September Global Warming - (archived)
October Wild Salmon Life Cycle
November Humpback Whales - (archived)
December History of Christmas


January Land Trust Alliance BC
February Wind - Weather Wiz Kids
March Photosynthesis Game
April Gardening for Wildlife
May Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
June Canadian Tree Guide
July Rainbows
August Building a Solar Oven
September Clouds
October Carving a Pumpkin - (archived)
November Ocean Tides
December Animal Tracks Quiz


January Water Bucket
February Big Blue Bus
March Landscaping to Attract Birds
April Animation of Hail Forming
May First Pacific Northwest Explorers
June Flower Types
July Bumble Bees
August Butterflies - E-Fauna BC
September North American Migration Flyways
October Worm Watch
November Invasive Plants in Greater Vancouver
December Earth from Space


January Paper Aeronautics
February Wildflower Colouring Pages
March Sustainable Building Centre
April Learn Bird Songs
May Eco Kids
June Estuaries - Georgia Strait Alliance
July Water Saver Home
August Global Temp and Precip Extremes
September Forests and Salmon
October Wind Turbine Blades
November Rustle the Leaf - Environmental Comics
December Earth Sky - Daily Sky Features


January Inch in a Pinch
February Aurora Forecast
March Heritage Rivers
April Vancouver Trails
May Slow Food Vancouver
June Protecting Water - (archived)
July Learning to Recognize Trees of B.C.
August Kids Zone - BC Tree Fruits - (archived)
September Earth Rangers
October Migration - NASA Space Place
November Vancouver Rocks
December Atlas of the Universe


January What on Earth - Plate Tectonics
February Living Planet Community - WWF
March Canada Water Week
April Journey to Planet Earth
May Science News for Kids
June All About Birds
July Wild Whales
August Identify Butterflies
September Solar System Exploration - NASA
October Causes of Color
November Salmon Life Cycle
December Seasons Animation


January Hibernation - BBC
February Urban Watershed Forestry
March Tides and Water Levels
April BC Endangered Species
May Chief Seattle's Speech
June Eco Friendly Lawn Care
July Earth Visualizations
August Ocean Today - NOAA
September Weird Cloud Atlas
October South Coast Conservation Program
November Global Water Footprint
December Analemma


January same as December 2012
February Groundhog Day
March Salmon Life Cycle
April Earth Day
May Chris Hadfield on the Space Station
June Pollination Canada
July Kites
August Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
September Salmon Coloring Book
October Trees of BC
November Rainbow Warrior - Greenpeace
December Paper Angel Wings


January Cedar
February Quartz Forms
March Oldest Seeds Regenerated