Mosquito Creek Watershed
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Q: --- I saw a (fallen tree/large amount of broken glass/dead squirrel) on the trail near where it goes under the Highway bridge. Who should I call ?
A: --- The area for 100 feet on either side of the Highway is the responsibilty of the B.C. Government's Ministry of Highways.
For practical purposes, you can call the City of North Vancouver - if the problem is south of the Highway centre line, or the District of North Vancouver - if the problem is north of the Highway.
City of North Vancouver (604-985-7761)
District of North Vancouver (604-987-7131)
Q: --- Why are those white plastic pipes in the trees in the park near Larson road ?
A: --- The pipes collect rainwater for a long-term rainfall study.
Q: --- What kind of fish are in the creek ?
A: --- There are trout and young salmon fry all year, and adult salmon enter the creeks to spawn in the fall and winter. There are also sculpin in the lower part of the creek.
All of these species are considered endangered. Wild salmon are protected by law.
Q: --- So, is Mosquito Creek Park leash free for dogs ?
A: --- No. Only the fenced Mosquito Creek Trail on the west side of the creek is leash free for dogs. Dogs should be on leash in all other areas of the park and watershed.
Dogs should not venture at all into areas which are especially environmentally sensitive, such as the fenced salmon habitat area along the west side of the trail, north of the main trail 17th Street entrance, including the parts north of the 21st Street access path, and north of the Highway bridge in William Griffin Park.