Mosquito Creek Watershed
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Fish and Wildlife
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date species M/F L/D spawn size other survey/sight location area
Coho 1 dead - 21" - survey Thain
Coho 1 live - - - survey Thain
In 2004, the usual weather patterns began earlier than usual, with warm weather starting about 3 weeks ahead in the spring and the rainy season starting in September instead of late October.

Mosquito Creek
Work was done during the summer around the Griffin Channel intake to deepen the intake pool to assure water supply to Griffin Channel during low flow periods, and on the Fell Channel intake to prevent the leaf blockages experienced in the Fall of 2003.

Thain Creek
The retaining wall between Thain Creek and Westview was repaired to stop erosion which was undercutting the wall support for many years.

November 13 was the first and only day Thain Creek was checked, from the Mosquito Creek confluence to Queens.
The water level was moderate throughout and fish passable. There were no blockages.
One dead adult coho and one live were seen. There may have been one or two redds.
Because rain and high water began early this year, it is likely that most spawners appeared early as well.