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Fish can access Thain Creek from its confluence at Mosquito Creek up to Evergreen. At that point, culverts block further passage.
The upper reaches of Thain Creek and Upper Mission Creek were not accessible to salmon for several decades because of impassable culverts at Westview, and at Queens, and Windsor.
Salmon access to stream habitat was improved dramatically in 1999 when the culvert at Westview was daylighted, and in 2003 when the one at Queens was altered.
In 2011, the culvert at Windsor was reconstructed and made fish passable.
Queens Road Culvert Adjustment Project ---- main stream
District of North Vancouver
Up until 2003, spawning salmon could not go past the Queens Road culvert.
The District of North Vancouver could have waited until it was time to replace the culvert, but that may have meant another ten or more years. Instead, a fish ladder and fish baffles were installed in the existing structure.
Spawners now have access up to the Windsor culvert.
Habitat in this section of stream is of good quality.
Queens Road Fish Ladder
Thain Creek Culvert Replacement Project ---- main stream
City of North Vancouver
From 1958 to 1999, the most formidable barrier for salmon was the long Thain Creek culvert, running 200 metres (650 feet) underground at Westview.
It was discouraging to see spawners trying to get upstream. No more.
The culvert was removed and replaced with a new open stream channel and a short fish passable culvert, providing access to upstream habitat.
The project, located in and undertaken by the City of North Vancouver, was completed in October 1999. It has become more fish friendly as streamside vegetation matured.
Thain Channel Construction 1999
Thain Channel Construction
September 1999
Thain Open Channel in 1999
Thain Creek Open Channel
October 1999

Thain Channel 2000
Thain Creek Open Channel
September 2000
Thain Open Channel in 2000
Thain Creek Open Channel
September 2000