Mosquito Creek Watershed
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Agriculture None
Mining None
Forestry Logging (None current). Large old growth fir and cedar trees were selectively logged before 1915, from the waterfront to the lower slopes of Grouse and Fromme.
The same area was logged again prior to development.
The lower watershed, west of Mosquito Creek, was cleared for housing in 1941-42, the middle watershed/upper plateau from 1945-1960.
In the upper watershed, a toll road was built across the upper slopes of the mountains to the top of Grouse in 1926. Logging was done adjacent to the road in the 1950's and 1960's.
The last logging took place in 1970, when a logging road was cut across the middle slopes of Grouse and Fromme. The forest is growing back in those areas.


Right-of-way Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 1)
BC Railway mainline
Low Level Road and Bridge (1998)
GVRD Sewerage mainline
BC Hydro power line
BC Hydro gas line
Streets and Lanes


Began in early 1900's.
Heavily urbanized. Encroachment into riparian areas.
Water quality problems. High impervious (44% Wagg).
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Recreational.
The mouth of the stream historically supported a large estuary which no longer exists.
The foreshore, between Bewicke and Fell Avenue, was filled and extended 500m into the inlet for industrial use (1912-1915).
The estuary and foreshore east of Bewicke were filled in 1960. The estuary and foreshore west of Fell were filled in 1970.


Forestry Mostly forested, steep gradient, remnant clearcuts and logging road, toll road to top of Grouse Mountain (Mountain Highway). Last logging in 1970
Commercial Grouse Mountain Ski Resort
Recreational Baden-Powell Trail, hiking trails


Residential Mostly single family houses, some townhouse complexes. Some located at top of bank.
Parks/Recreational Mahon Park CNV: Trails, Playing fields, Open green space, Stadium, Running track, Basketball court
Mosquito Creek Park CNV: Trans Canada Trail, Open green space, Play area
Mosquito Creek Park DNV: Trail, Open green space
William Griffin Park DNV: Trails, Playing fields, Skate Bowl, Recreation Centre
Wagg Park CNV: Trails, Open green space, Detention pond
Water Quality Mahon Park CNV:
Public Pool Discharge into Wagg Creek/Pool Closed 1979 (DFO-1989)


Reserves Mission Reserve #1 - Squamish Nation
Commercial/ Industrial Two marinas are located at the mouth of Mosquito Creek.
The lower reaches are heavily industrialized (auto service, sheetmetal manufacturing, municipal works yard, railway).
Residential In 1941-42, 400 small single family houses were constructed between Fell Avenue and Hamilton, south of Cumberland, to accommodate workers for wartime shipbuilding. The houses were gradually replaced by commercial development along and south of Marine Drive, and by multiple unit residential buildings (townhouse complexes and condos) north of 15th Street in the 1980's. The last four of these houses were demolished in 2002.
Parks/Recreational Bewicke Park CNV: Open green space