Mosquito Creek Watershed
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The Mosquito Creek watershed is a study area for various interests, covering fisheries, storm water, and habitat, because:
It is within a large urban area and is easily accessible.
It has been altered by development, but still supports fish and wildlife.
Different sections of the watershed fall under the management of different levels of government.
The watershed stretches from the mountains to the sea, offering a wide range of climate and geology for its size.
Local and senior governments have carried out watershed studies and are familiar with conditions.
Several habitat restoration projects have been completed.


Watershed studies usually produce reports. Those commissioned by government become available to the public. Some are posted online, some not.
Listed below are just some of the reports already done which include creeks in the Mosquito Creek watershed.
Lower Mission Creek Watershed Status Survey 2002
Commissioned by:
Mosquito Creek Stewardship Society
August 16, 2002
Prepared by: Fernando F. Junqueira, PhD
Mission Creek - Aquatic Habitat Survey
Commissioned by:
Capilano College
May 24, 2002
Prepared by: David McKeown, Sean Brushett, Steve Sanford, Sarah-Jane Bell
Environmental Science Course - Student Project. Capilano College in consultation with the City of North Vancouver.
Environmental Effects of Stormwater Discharges on Small Streams - Habitat and Benthic Assessment
Commissioned by:
Greater Vancouver Regional District - Liquid Waste Management Plan
April 2000
Prepared by: EVS Environmental Consultants, North Vancouver, BC
(9 watersheds included: Mossom, Coghlan, Mosquito, Yorkson, Stoney, Upper Serpentine, Wagg, Como, Still)
Mosquito Creek Flood and Erosion Study - Final Report March 2000
Commissioned by:
City of North Vancouver
March 2000
Prepared by: Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd., North Vancouver, BC
Lower Fraser River - Strategic Review
Commissioned by:
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
(Contains errors)
Wild, Threatened, Endangered and Lost Streams of the Lower Fraser Valley - Summary Report 1997
Commissioned by:
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Prepared by: Precision Identification Biological Consultants, Vancouver, BC
Protection of Aquatic and Riparian Habitat by Local Governments - An Inventory of Measures Adopted in the Lower Fraser Valley, 1995
Commissioned by:
Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Fraser River Action Plan
Prepared by: Quadra Planning Consultants, West Vancouver, BC
Fish Habitat Inventory & Information Program
Stream Summary Catalogue - Subdistrict #28A Vancouver

Commissioned by:
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
April 1989
Report on Creek Systems and Storm Water Control - Summary Report
Commissioned by:
District of North Vancouver
Prepared by: Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd., North Vancouver, BC


Maps are produced, then often produced again later in order to keep the information up to date.
Sometimes earlier maps are more useful to a particular study.
Original maps are stored in government archives or libraries.
However, they may not be available to the public for practical reasons. Instead, they may be copied, in which case the printed copies are available, or they are posted online.
Listed below are examples of the types of maps that are created for use.
Graphic Design - Parks of North Vancouver brochure
City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver
Orthophotos - District of North Vancouver
Access: Municipal Hall, District of North Vancouver
Historical Aerial Photographs
Access: UBC Geography Department Library
Line Map - TRIM Maps
Access: BC Ministry of Environment


Listed below are websites with information about the Mosquito Creek watershed.
Mosquito Creek Watershed Website
Nature Canada Magazine
The Winter 2003/04 issue included a write-up about Mosquito Creek.
Sustainable Region Initiative - GVRD
Mosquito Creek Watershed Restoration
Watershed Profile - Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
Mosquito Creek Watershed Profile